6 Ways to Incorporate Your Dog into Your Wedding

You couldn't do it without your furry best friend!

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Your pup has been by your side since day one, through thick and thin. It’s only natural for you to include him in all of your wedding planning festivities! From the proposal to the actual wedding day, here are 6 ways to incorporate your furry friend into your big day! Just a friendly reminder, there are no dogs allowed inside the Chapel, but of course be sure to include them in other parts of the wedding process!




Photo | How He Asked

1.  A paw-fect proposal

If you’re the one proposing, use your pup as your partner-in-crime for your proposal! Attach the ring box to your dog’s collar, or hang a small sign around his neck with the simple words “Will you marry me?” There’s no way your S.O. can say no to a sweet face like that!




Photo | Pasha Belman Photography

2.  Save the date

For your save the date invitations, let your dog be the shining star! Hire a professional photographer to shoot you, your fiancé and dog in a picturesque location like the beach or park. Your guests will love that you included your precious pup in the engagement process!



Photo | Pinterest

3. Place cards

Use place cards of your paw-fect pet to show guests where to sit at the reception. Everyone will appreciate this personalized detail, and will be a great conversation starter for guests to acquaint themselves with one another!



Photo | Shefinds

4. Guest Greeter

Give your dog the honor of greeting guests at your wedding reception! Can you just envision all eyes on him as he trots around and charms everyone?



Photo | Etsy

5. The cake topper

Most couples have cake toppers that feature themselves, the bride and groom. But you’d never want to exclude your furry best friend, would you? Get your own custom cake topper featuring your happy little family on Etsy!



Photo | Kate Preftakes

6. Reception photos

Make sure to include your dog in your professional wedding photos! What’s a photo shoot without you, your spouse and your dog in a matching ensemble? Plus, you’ll have great options for a family portrait that’s just asking to be framed in your living room.


How do you plan to include your dog in your wedding? Tag us in your photos!