6 Swaps to Stay Within Your Wedding Budget

Add some cash to that honeymoon piggy bank!

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When initially planning a wedding, it’s easy to become adamant about specific details you desire for your big day. We don’t blame you- how can you not get caught up in the endless “I Do” boards on Pinterest? However, you can still pull off the wedding of your dreams without going overboard. Here are a few wedding swaps that will still stun the crowd and be entirely budget-friendly.


1. Look for Inclusive Venues

When booking your wedding venue, see what details they might already have covered so you have less to worry about on your end. For instance, Wayfarers Chapel is already decorated on the inside with greenery and seasonal white flowers, so you can put that extra money toward flowers at your reception.


2. Diamonds Don’t Have to be Your Best Friend

Save money for your bridesmaids as well as yourself and swap diamonds for Cubic Zirconia or luxury fashion jewelry. The focus will be on the dress and the bride wearing it, so don’t sweat about the small stuff.  Check out these beautiful rose gold bridal earrings from Kendra Scott that are sure to sparkle all day and night.


3. Make a Seating Chart

Rather than spending time and money making individual escort cards, make an aesthetically-pleasing seating chart to guide guests to their tables. Prop it up on a pretty frame, and you’re all good to go. Save paper and save money!


4. Pop Budget-Friendly Bubbly

Skip the champagne and opt for budget Prosecco or wine to offer your guests. For one, Prosecco and rosé are both having a moment, so they will be on-trend as well as delicious. Odds are, your guests will be dancing and sipping the night away and won’t have time to focus on the details.


5. Cut the Cake

Instead of splurging on a 4-layer buttercream masterpiece, have a smaller cake made for display and photo purposes. Some wedding couples have even cut into a two-layer cake, the second layer being cardboard covered in frosting. It’s cheaper to have sheet cake in the back kitchen that can be served for guests to enjoy. They will NEVER know!


6. Happy Feet

Slip on some less expensive wedding heels instead of designer footwear. There’s so many affordable and chic options out there, you won’t even be missing those pricey pumps (plus, they’ll be off as soon as you hit the dance floor). Check out this perfect pair from Topshop – your feet will thank you!


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