6 Ways to Avoid Stress on Your Wedding Day

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The wedding planning process is no easy feat, with vendors, guests and details to keep track of. But on your wedding morning, all of the hustle and bustle should melt away, for you to savor your special day. With a positive disposition and preparation, your big day is bound to go off without a hitch. Check out our top tips to avoid stress on your wedding day so you can shift your focus to relishing in the day’s life-changing moments.





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1. Get Ready Solo

If your bridal party is a larger group, primping for the big day might get a little crazy. As fun as it is to get ready with your girls, consider having alone time and then later being joined by your girlfriends. This way, you’re avoiding any last minute suggestions from the group regarding hair, makeup, etc, and can prep in peace. Start getting ready by yourself, followed by special time with your maid of honor or mother, and then later be joined by your bridesmaids for final touches and a champagne toast.





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2. Keep Your Schedule Clear

It’s easy to line up all those beauty-enhancing appointments up to the very moment of your wedding day, but aim to spread them out if you can. The week of, schedule a massage, manicure/pedicure, or spray tan, but leave absolutely the essentials to just the day of: hair and makeup. Spacing out your activities will allow yourself to be more present in the once-in-a-lifetime moments.





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3. Old-School Traditions

Avoid ultra traditional wedding lore that might disrupt your normal routine and add unnecessary stress before the big day. For instance, it is traditionally bad luck to see your future spouse before your wedding day, so couples will sleep in different rooms the night prior, or the bride will ensure she is not seen by her partner before she glides down the aisle. Get that “first look” with your fiance to share an intimate moment before all eyes are on you, and snooze next to your spouse-to-be if it means making you feel at ease. By doing things how you normally would, you’ll keep stress levels low and wedding spirits high!





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4. Public Speaking Practice

From exchanging vows to celebratory toasts, you will be speaking in front of your friends, family and loved ones throughout the day and night. Do a run-through of your vows and toasts the morning of your wedding day to get rid of any public speaking jitters and feel cool, calm and collected. No matter what, your guests will be filled gratitude and joy to share this special day with you.





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5. Day-Of Delegation

The only thing you should be focusing on the day of your wedding day is to dwell in the special moments with those around you. When one-off questions arise from the wedding party, vendors and guests, delegate a member of the bridal party, close friend or family member to handle it all. At Wayfarers Chapel, you will have your own Wedding Director to sort out all of the day-of details so you can enjoy your wedding day worry-free!





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6. Allocate “Moment” Wranglers

You’ll be so busy enjoying your big day and conversing with guests that you won’t want to waste any time when it comes to capturing wedding day moments. Assign a “wrangler” among your bridal party, family or friends to be responsible for nailing those must-have moments, like corralling your college friends into a photo or grabbing copies of the ceremony program and dinner menu. Rest assured, this point of contact will capitalize on these moments so you don’t have to.



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