7 Bright and Bold Bouquet Color Combinations

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Although the wedding bouquet is a ceremony staple, it doesn’t mean your wedding florals have to be boring! If you’re having a summer wedding, odds are you’re fond of incorporating bright, cheery colors into your everyday. With all eyes on you as you walk down the aisle, choose florals to make your arrangement pop. We’ve rounded up vibrant bloom colorways to inspire this big day detail.





Could this Kelly Oshiro bouquet be any prettier? She arranged garden roses, ranunculus, lilacs, tulips and sweet peas for what just might be the loveliest orange and purple display ever.

Photo | Kelly Oshiro

1. Violet + Yellow

Complementary colors are colors opposite from one another on the color wheel. Choosing colors such as purple and yellow create a high contrast, and are great when you want something to stand out. These bright yet soft hues are feminine and sweet for summer.





Summer fall wedding bouquet with protea, magnolia leaves, pepperberry and eucalyptus

Photo | Brittany Eitsert Photography

2. Two-Toned Greenery

Play up the lush greenery from Wayfarers Chapel and incorporate several colors and textures into your wedding bouquet. Dark green, light green and copper-colored florals like Magnolia combine to make the perfect understated arrangement with a fresh twist.





Most loved weddings of 2015 / Vibrant wedding bouquet of peonies, poppies and thistle / Photography by Jonathan Ong

Photo | Nouba

3. Fire + Ice

Utilize the elements in your wedding day bouquet! Choose icy blue florals like hydrangea or snapdragon to contrast with blazing red tones from dahlias or roses.





Tropical fall wedding florals | Wedding & Party Ideas | 100 Layer Cake

Photo | 100 Layer Cake

4. Green, Pink and Orange

Fresh greenery paired with romantic pink blooms is a classic combination, but elevated with tangerine-toned florals. Mesh different shades of pink and peach together for a full, dimensional arrangement.




Casamentos de 2015 – Tendências consolidadas. Paletas com cores fortes Nunca existiu limite de cores para se usar na paleta de cores de um casamento, mas ultimamente os casamentos andam muito coloridos e não é mais aquela história de “uma cor forte, uma neutra e três pastéis”, ou ainda “quero tudo vermelho-mulher-fatal”… Ando vendo turquesa com laranja, lilás com verde oliva, amarelo com marrom… Cores fortes juntas e combinações curiosas, divertidas e lindas!

Photo | CCRE

5. Neon Hues

We’ve previously mentioned on the blog how hot neon is for weddings this season. Pick ultra bright hues like violet, orange and yellow to incorporate a rainbow of colors into your big day bouquet. Mix in neutral tones like cream and white to make these colors appear extra striking.





Wildblumenstrauß - #Wildblumenstrauß

Photo | Studio Stories

6. Yellow, Orange and Blue

These bright and bold hues are reminiscent of eccentric ’70s style. The warm and cool tones pack the perfect punch for a summer-filled arrangement.




Summer Wedding Bouquet - GCam Photography

Photo | Belle the Magazine

7. Purple + Pink

Pull from the Palos Verdes sunsets and include shades of pink and purple in your wedding flowers. Orchids, peonies and lavender are just a few florals you can use to create a vivid, ombre effect.



Which color combination is your favorite? We want to see your wedding florals – tag us in your wedding photos @wayfarers_chapel on Instagram!