7 Wedding Ideas Fit for Foodies

Impress your guests with your culinary cravings!

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Whether you have a passion for cooking or love to treat yourself to fine dining, you appreciate the bites and sips that turn into memories. Why not incorporate your love of food into the most memorable day of your life? We’ve got a few tips and tricks to make the most of your big day (and make a lot of tummies happy), so read on for more!




Photo | Joan Lim

1. A Cutting-Edge Invite

Forget boring wedding invitations! This particular invite doubles as a cutting board and is definitely quirky in the best way. Your guests will be bursting at the seams to attend your fun, foodie wedding after scoring this invite!



Photo | Bonnie Sen Photography

2. A Cocktail Hour to Remember

Think about what you and your spouse-to-be love to sip and snack on. If it’s popcorn and margaritas, then make that the signature pairing for cocktail hour. This “rosemary refresher” marg was served at a foodie wedding in Oregon, to which the couple referred to the drink as their “marriage margarita” that they hoped to enjoy on their wedding anniversary. Clever, right?



Photo | Hey Wedding Lady

3. Put a Fork in It

Show your guests to their seats with what will let them dive into the wedding cuisine- a fork! The botanical elements elevate this seating idea, and the twine and ripped place cards give it a rustic look.



Photo | Brit + Co

4. Pass the Cheese, Please!

Before dinner is served, consider a charcuterie board for guests to munch on. Put out an array of meats, cheeses, crackers, fruits and nuts to tide them over. This is an elegant and rustic way to showcase your love for the little things, as well as a way for guests to connect over sharing a block of brie!



Photo | Nouba

5. Keep it Family Style

Keep the “sharing is caring” atmosphere alive and set up dinner family-style. This way, you don’t have to request food preferences from your guests because there will be plenty to choose from. Think of it as buffet-style, but in a more comforting and conversational way. Put thought into what you’d like to serve, keeping in mind your favorite foods as well as offering a wide variety. The platters of eats will take up a good chunk of table room, so you can save money of flowers and centerpiece decor.


Photo | Sweet Style

6. Diverse Desserts

If you and your spouse are foodies, odds are you won’t settle on just one dessert. Offer guests a variety of sweets using a dessert table so they can sample candies, chocolates, cakes and other confections.


Photo | Style Me Pretty

7. A Pinch of Salt

Give your guests the gift of cooking! These precious little bottles of artesian rosemary sea salt are exactly what they need to up their cooking game. After all, everyone could use a good salt in the kitchen!


How will you satisfy your guests’ appetites? Let us know in the comments!