7 Wedding Photo Must-Haves

It's photo shoot time!

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It can be stressful to capture that perfect photo of your wedding day. After all, you’ll only be this dolled up once! No fear- we’ve compiled a list of wedding photo must-haves to make your photo shoot one to remember forever.



Photo | Carolly

1. The Chapel Doors

There’s beauty in simplicity! Make sure to get a photograph of the chapel by itself before the wedding party and guests file in. You’ll want to remember what the venue looked like before your celebration even started!


Photo | Beautiful Day Photography

2. THE Look

We all know the one. THE look of the groom seeing his bride walk down the aisle for the first time. The teary-eyed, smiling groom is truly a picture-perfect image. The whole room will be looking at this moment, so be sure to capture it.


Photo | Aevitas Weddings

3. A Silhouette Shot

Include the entire wedding ceremony landscape during your photo session in a silhouette shot. At Wayfarers Chapel, the backdrop is the beautiful Rancho Palos Verdes cove that kisses the Pacific Ocean shore. This picturesque shot is a must!


Photo | Erich Chen Photography

4. The Bride and Her Bouquet

All eyes on the bride! Make sure to get a photo of the bride holding her bouquet. The detail of the varying flowers contrasting the detail of the dress is a stunning image just waiting to be captured.


Photo | Hannah Q Photography

5. The Bridesmaids

This day couldn’t have happened without them! We love this unique shot of the bride with her bridesmaids from behind. The colors of the gowns and bouquets make for a stunning shot.


Photo | Megan Welker

6. A Celebratory Kiss

You just got married, people! This is not something to take lightly. Encapsulate the excitement of the day in a kissing (and even jumping) shot!


Photo | Candice Benjamin Photography

7. The Happy Ever After

As cheesy as it sounds, you’ll want to capture the happy-couple-walking-into-the-sunset shot. And with the staggering scenery of sunlit trees at Wayfarers Chapel, how could you not?

Which wedding photo is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!