8 Tips to Look and Feel Your Best on Your Wedding Day

Self-care is the best care!

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Ahh yes. Wedding day stress. With lengthy to-do lists, back-to-back appointments and frenzied family, it’s only natural to forget about one of the most important parts of your big day- yourself. Engaging in some self-care practices will only improve your mind, body and spirit before and on your wedding day. Read on for the ultimate bridal prep, step-by-step!




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1. Hit the Gym

Getting some regular exercise prior to your wedding day will help you feel confident before slipping into that little white dress. Do what makes you happy, whether it’s getting in some cardio at your local gym or doing a full-body toning barre class. Moving your body will relieve stress and get the blood flow pumping to create the perfect all-over wedding day glow.



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2. Eat Right

You (and your body) already know how you feel after eating an In-N-Out burger versus a kale salad. Treat your body with the best by loading up on fruits, veggies and tons of water. A healthy and balanced diet low in sugar, fat and dairy will help contribute to a glowing complexion, too. Fuel your body so you feel radiant inside and out.




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3. Hair Repair + Care

Ensure your strands are happy and healthy by giving them some routine maintenance leading up to the big day. Stop in to your salon for a few deep conditioning hair treatments for glossy, glowing locks. Make sure you’re also getting regular trims every 8 weeks to keep any split ends at bay.



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4. Masking

Stressed? Throw on a mask. There’s clay masks, sheet masks and more available at the drugstore and high end beauty suppliers to give yourself an at-home facial. Switch off between hydrating and detox masks to achieve a balanced complexion.



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5. No Bubbles, No Bloating

Avoid carbonated beverages on the day of your wedding for bloat-free bliss. Skip the soda, champagne and sparking water – your body will thank you!


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6. Hit the Snooze Button

Although easier said than done, try to get a solid sleep routine in place the month before your wedding day. You’ll feel your best and look your best with a good night’s sleep (and not to mention, be bag and dark-circle free!)



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7.  Second-Day Hair

Arrive to your hair appointment with second-day hair. As weird as it sounds, salon experts agree that second-day hair has more grip to it, so it is more easily styled and has better hold. Don’t worry, your hair stylist will know just how to rid your hair of any extra shine.


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8. Touch-Up Time

In between the ceremony and reception photos, be sure to touch-up with some setting powder to be shine-free. You won’t have to worry about looking extra-dewy all day and night.


Which tip do you plan on incorporating into your self-care wedding routine? Let us know in the comments!