Blooms in Season: August

Happy August!

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It’s August – how did this happen? As summer’s last full month, August gives us a lot to look forward to. This time of year is beautiful weather for weddings and begins its slow crawl toward fall. This month has some stunning blooms you’ll have to see for yourself – read on for the best picks!




Photo | Nicole Leever Photography


This bright, tropical flower thrives in warm regions, especially in sunny Southern California! Hibiscus buds blossom beautifully and add a summer touch to any floral design. We love the peachy-pink shade for weddings!




Photo | Willow Creek Weddings


These daisy-like flowers are delicate and dainty. Aster comes in several varieties, from pinks to purples. You’ll see these in many late summer and early fall arrangements, as they are at the peak of their season and offer vibrant color to any bouquet!




Photo | Liz Banfield


This flowering shrub has brilliant foliage perfect for summer, fall and winter! It has one of the longest blooming seasons, so its many varieties are bound to suit all of your needs! Their evergreen leaves also add beautiful greenery to any design.






Photo | Lauren Kinsey


Typically reserved for cooking, there’s more you can do with rosemary! This woody plant has fragrant needle-like leaves and tiny white, blue, pink or purple flowers. Fun fact: in English Tudor times, brides gifted rosemary to the groom as a symbol of fidelity.




Photo | Sur La Lune


This elegant flower adds sophistication to any floral design. Its glossy green leaves, creamy color and structured blooms are absolutely gorgeous for wedding decor. Each color has a different meaning: white represents the moon, yellow represents the sun and pink represents friendship and love.





Photo | Unknown


Pussy Willow

Also known as ‘goat willow,’ this plant adds a unique element to wedding centerpieces and arrangements. Its tree-like branches and small, fuzzy tufts make it look bohemian and rustic. Arrange it alone or add in colorful flowers for a modern design everyone will love!



Which flowers are you loving for August? Tag us in your wedding photos this month!