Blooms in Season – January

Check out these wintry favorites!

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Welcome, 2018! With a new year comes new flowers, and this month it’s all about January’s beautiful blooms. From delicate petals to vibrant colors, January has the best of the best. Keep reading to discover these winter florals!




Photo | Organizationally Impaired


Also known as the ‘buttercup’ flower, ranunculus grow into bountiful blooms. The petals are thin and delicate, and add a lightness and airy element to any bouquet or arrangement. The peachy-pink hues of the flowers shown above are beyond perfection for a January wedding!



Photo | Wedding Chicks


Delphiniums come in a variety of shades, so the opportunities are endless! They’re typically tall and dominating, but also come in shorter forms. Tiny buds tower to the top of the tapered plant, and add fullness to a wedding arrangement. These blue blossoms are California-cool for any winter wedding celebration!



Photo | Swallows Nest

Kangaroo Paw

Kangaroo paws are as exotic as they sound! This plant is known for its fuzzy blossoms that emanate a – you guessed it -kangaroo paw! The buds are fuzzy and vibrant in color, so they are for an eclectic bride with trendy taste.



Photo | Simple Maui Wedding

Lilium Stargazer

This bright lily is perfect to incorporate into a beach-inspired wedding on the California coast. These lilies are known for their strong fragrance and bright fuchsia color. They even look like starfish in this tropical bouquet!



Photo | Laces and Lilies

Juliet Roses

These roses are as beautiful as they come! Similar to a traditional rose, the Juliet Rose has layered petals, except they more of an unusual, softly-folded look to them. If you can get your hands on these, they’ll surely be the star of your bouquet!



Photo | Style Me Pretty


This funky tropical flower adds a whimsical touch to wedding florals. They bloom in a sunburst-type shape, and are great for adding pops if color and texture. Pincushion are typically seen in oranges, reds and pinks, but this yellow variety is absolute perfection!


Which flower will you get your hands on in 2018? Let us know in the comments below!