Blooms In Season: July

Bring on the sunshine and beautiful blooms!

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Summer is well underway, with July bringing us beach days, long summer nights and of course, gorgeous seasonal flowers! July weddings always epitomize the summer season, and fresh blooms can definitely add to the warm and sunny nature of the celebration. Keep reading for lush picks perfect for your bouquet!





Photo | Dylan Howell Photography


A romantic yet contemporary pick, dahlias are bountiful and beautiful for any arrangement. If peonies are a little too pricey for your liking, dahlias are the perfect understudy as they give a full and dramatic effect. Their varying colors of oranges, purples and pinks make them bright and bold for summer.




Photo | Oosile


This tapered plant is vibrant in its typical violet and blue color. It also comes in white and rosy pink varieties. Veronicas are known to attract butterflies and hummingbirds, so you know this seasonal flower is the epitome of summertime!




Photo | Krista Wedding


These daisy-like blooms are sweet and petite for a summer wedding. Cosmos come in several varieties that each have their own unique look.  Garden cosmos are a classic for their bubblegum pink color, Sulfur cosmos have pointed petals and a bright yellow hue and Chocolate cosmos add sophistication with their deep brownish-red color.





Photo | Beauty of Weddings


You’ve definitely seen these colorful blooms in a garden near you. They come in a rainbow of colors, so they’re sure to add cheeriness to any bouquet. Zinnias symbolize endurance and are even one of the longest blooming flowers (a great way to kick off the beginning of your marriage!)



Photo | Johnny Miller

Calla Green Goddess

Nope, not the salad dressing. A unique variety of the Calla Lily, this flower has a stunning ombre green color and delightful fragrance. Its ruffled edges and tropical look make it a wonderful addition to a summery floral masterpiece.



Photo | Justin Marantz


Also known as the ‘African Lily,’ Agapanthus boasts bulb-like flowers in blue and purple hues. Its long and fancy-sounding name actually derives from Greek, meaning “love flower.” You’ll want these delicate flowers in every aspect of your wedding florals!



Photo | DNA Photographers


Need some vertical drama in your arrangement? Gladiolus has got your back. This flower comes in stunning, colorful shades and has an abundance of tropical foliage on every stem.  Simply a midsummer bouquet’s dream!



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