Blooms In Season: June

Happy June, happy summer!

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It’s June! You know what that means: the start of SUMMER! Bring on the sun-soaked skies, beach days and of course, summer weddings! Check out the seasonal blooms of June you’ll see all month long.




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This flowering plant is feminine in appearance and fragrant in smell. Bouvardia has star-shaped clusters of flowers that are perfect for a bridal bouquet. The most common variety is white, but Bouvardia also comes in purple, pink and red hues.




Photo | Belle The Magazine


The Camellia is a beautiful blossoming flower with glossy green leaves. These exquisite blooms have almost perfectly shaped petals that look too delicate to touch! The most stunning shades of Camellias are cotton candy-pink and bright pink. The flower symbolizes longevity and faithfulness-perfect for your wedding day!




Photo | Wedding Chicks

‘Lady Slipper’ Orchids

This unique type of orchid is a definite showstopper when it comes to creating drama and elegance with florals. It’s name comes from its resemblance to a moccasin or slipper. Spotted and striped in pattern, lady slipper orchids would make for a stunning wedding centerpiece.




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When people typically think of daffodils, they envision bright yellow blossoms reminiscent of spring.  What you might not know is that the white variety is just as beautiful and perfect for a summer wedding!




Photo | Bloompop

Poppy Pods

This unique flower is grown right in California and adds visual interest to any bouquet or arrangement. The pods definitely make this bouquet eclectic and fun!




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The scent, the appearance – what’s not to love about lavender? Whether you use lavender as a summer alternative to a traditional bouquet or incorporate it into a boutonniere, you can’t go wrong with this classic flower. Not to mention, the color is on-trend for the color of the year, Ultraviolet!


Which June flower is your favorite? Tag us in your June wedding photos!