Blooms in Season: March

Spring has almost sprung!

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Happy March! We’re on the cusp of the springtime season, and March has the flowers to prove it! Keep reading to see the bountiful and bright blooms in season this month that will make for the perfect wedding day bouquet.




Photo | Wedding Chat


If you’re like us, you’re a huge orchid fan. These lush looking plants come in its traditional white variety as well as more tropical types. The blooms are colorful and fragrant, and are common as houseplants that make for the perfect decor piece. A stunning statement, orchids would be a perfect addition to any wedding centerpiece.



Photo | BRIDES


Also known as ‘blue milkweed,’ ‘star of the argentine’ and ‘southern star,’ Tweedia Caerulea is a  blossoming plant native to Brazil. Tiny sky-blue buds grow off of the tropical shrub, which can add a spring and summer feel to any floral arrangement. If you love blue, this flower is for you!



Photo | mywedding

Pink Ranunculus

Considered to be one of the most popular wedding flowers, the pink ranunculus is a sweet, romantic flower. Ranunculus are similar to roses, except they have cup-shaped petals that fold closely together. Pink ranunculus range from a baby pink hue to cotton candy pink, so you’re sure to find an ideal shade that screams springtime!



Photo | 100 Layer Cake

Sweet Pea

Just as sweet as it sounds! Sweet pea flowers have large blooms with ruffled, multicolor petals that make for wonderful arrangements. This plant is native to southern Italy and can often be seen climbing up trellises in a variety of colors. A bonus? Sweet peas actually have a ‘sweet’ fragrance to them!



Photo | Style Me Pretty


These bell-shaped blooms are some of the most well known fragrant florals. The pink, red and white varieties give off the strongest scent, which is sweet and citrus-based. The flower itself is unique and architectural looking, so freesias may serve as the perfect flowers for your wedding at Wayfarers!



Photo | The Knot


Also known as the ‘pincushion flower,’ the scabiosa plant has a cushion-like center with pin looking stems. Scabiosa flowers  can be found in various shades of blue, purple and white, making them popular picks for spring and summer weddings.



Photo | Jolie


A favorite of many! The meaning of a sunflower can be found in its genus, Helianthus – helios meaning sun and anthros meaning flower. This definitely proves to be true in this bright and sunny flower. Sunflowers are an easy go-to for California weddings because they grow best in locations with full sun. Your guests will love being surrounded by these warm and inviting rays of sunshine!


Which flower is your favorite this month? Let us know in the comments!