Blooms In Season: November

Get festive with your florals!

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Some of the best blooms are available in November, which means your autumn wedding will be full of Pinterest-worthy bouquets and arrangements. Whether your scenery is a rustic barn, burning sunset, or towering trees, these festive blooms are sure to complement the desired aesthetic. Keep scrolling for the perfect seasonal flowers to fulfill your fall wedding dreams!



Photo | JetFete

Calla Lillies

These beauties are perfect to incorporate into your November bouquet to add interest, texture and drama. What a lot of people don’t know is that they actually come in other colors than white- plum, orange, yellow, pink and red, in fact!



Photo | Deer Pearl Flowers


A true classic, you can’t go wrong with roses in your bouquets or arrangements. Pick some in your favorite festive fall colors, or incorporate bi-color roses for a rich, rustic look.



Photo | BRIDES


This fuzzy floral is what autumn dreams are made of. These make any arrangement look unique and fun, but also conveniently come in the color orange!



Photo | Royal Lace Bridal


These globe-like blooms make for bountiful bouquets. Consider them in peach and plum to complete your fall color palette.



Photo | Green Wedding Shoes


It’s just as unique as its name! Native to South Africa, leucadendron, also known as ‘Safari Sunset,’  is a large evergreen shrub tinged with deep red and purple fronds. These look beautifully dramatic in tall displays, but also add interest to artfully undone wedding bouquets. However you choose to use them, they’ll be a showstopper for sure!



Photo | Southern Weddings


The great thing about the Magnolia flower is that it is big and blossoming, so you only need a few in a bouquet. Paired with eucalyptus leaves and greenery, you’ll have an easy arrangement with a SoCal feel.



Photo | Royal Lace Bridal


It’s reaching the end of orchid season, but what better way to pay tribute to the beautiful flower than making it the star of your bouquet? We especially love the exotic varieties to spice up a traditional-looking arrangement. Available in shades of purple, red, orange and of course, white, the opportunities are endless.



Photo | Wild Folk Studio


Hypericum berries are actually available year-round, but make for a great filler – especially in autumnal flower arrangements! They’re available in almost every color, but we love the rosy and red-hued buds the best.


Which flowers are calling you name? Tag us in your fall wedding photos!