Dress Code Do’s: What to Wear to Every Type of Wedding

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With spring and summer weddings galore, peak wedding season is upon us. Wedding invitations are pouring in, and you’re scheduling your wedding travel plans for the next few months. For most wedding attendees, the same question arises: what do I wear. Maybe your invitation reads ‘black tie,’ ‘cocktail attire,’ ‘formal’ or ‘semi formal.’ Confused? Don’t be. We’re here to decode the dress code so you can arrive in style every time.





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Black Tie

Black tie weddings traditionally take place at night, which your invitation will most likely denote. The guideline for black tie attire is formal evening wear, so ladies, get your sparkly floor-length gowns ready, and gentlemen, rent a tux! You’ll be looking luxe and glamorous for this shindig.





Velvet Outfits | Gorgeous Fall Wedding Guest Outfits

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Black Tie Optional

Exactly as it sounds. This dress code is a little more lenient for the guys, but dark suits should still be worn. Ladies can get away with a long or midi-style dress. Style and class are key!





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White Tie

White tie weddings are pretty rare these days, as they’re the absolute most formal of wedding attire. All-out glamour is the standard, think Hollywood red carpet. Full-length gowns and your best jewels for ladies, and tuxedos with tailcoats, white vests and white bow ties for men. Score extra points with pocket squares and white gloves.





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Dressy Casual

Think of this attire as being somewhat similar to ‘business casual’ – you wouldn’t wear denim to a job interview, would you? Jumpsuits, feminine rompers and dresses work for women, and men can pull out their slacks and fun blazers. This is a popular attire choice for couples getting married in the summer!





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Let the time of day guide your outfit for this one. For a daytime wedding, prints, light colors or your traditional black and white are all acceptable. For an evening affair, stick to darker colors, like navy or black. Guys should note, semi-formal means a suit and tie!





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Beach Chic

If you’re attending a wedding at Wayfarers with a gorgeous ocean view, this dress code is a definite possibility.  Light, breezy fabrics are encouraged, and easily dressed up with accessories. Men, bring out your summer linens, and don’t worry about a tie unless
it’s specifically requested.



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