Everything You Need to Know About Having a Daytime Wedding

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If you’ve always thought that weddings had to be at 4 p.m. on a Saturday, we’re here to debunk that wedding lore. Daytime weddings have a lot of benefits: ideal photography lighting, more flexibility with your guests and a steady wedding-day flow, just to name a few. Thinking about hosting a daytime wedding? We’ve outlined what to expect and some tips to keep top of mind.





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Early Birds

If you’re planning on having your wedding in the late morning or early in the afternoon, you’ll want to be prepared for an earlier day than you’re probably used to. Here at Wayfarers, you can schedule a wedding as early as 10 a.m. (except Sundays). In this case, you have two hours on the grounds, including photography and the ceremony. The bridal party arrives an hour before the ceremony time, so if they come at 9 a.m., it’s suggested their hair and makeup is already done so no one is feeling rushed.  This means everyone is probably getting glammed at the crack of dawn, so be sure you (and your bridesmaids) are prepared.





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Wedding Attire

Typically for a daytime wedding, the attire is less formal than an evening affair. Men might wear a grey or blue suit instead of black, and for women, this might mean an airy maxi dress or shorter cocktail dress. As far as bridal style goes, you might be more comfortable in a relaxed silhouette with minimal embellishments as opposed to a beaded ball gown.





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The Food

Play up the daytime celebration and make your reception a brunch! Ditch the heavier foods like meat and potatoes and swap for omelettes and mimosas. Have fun with it – maybe offer an espresso bar or cut into a cinnamon roll wedding cake!





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Fitting Music

Blaring DJ music at 12 in the afternoon is very different than it is at midnight. Opt for a live band to give guests energetic entertainment.





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The After Party

Ending your reception at 4 p.m. is convenient for a lot of of guests, because it gives them flexibility to drive home, go to bed and enjoy their weekend on their own terms. You’re not necessarily responsible for your guests after the wedding has concluded, but for out of town folk, consider preparing an itinerary of things to do in the area if they are unfamiliar. Curate a list of restaurants, museums or spas that can serve as a go-to for your guests. If you’re wanting to keep the party going, invite your wedding party out for a nightcap at your favorite spot.



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