How to Beat the Summer Heat On Your Wedding Day

May summer commence!

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Happy first week of summer! June gloom is about to fade away, and we are ready to welcome the summertime sun. Weddings in the summer can be the most beautiful, but in California, this can mean extreme heat. Follow these tips to make the most of your summer wedding and beat the heat!


Cool Coast, Best Coast

Summer weddings don’t necessarily have to pack a punch when it comes to hot weather. Choose a venue near the ocean so you can utilize that sea breeze! Wayfarers Chapel is located cliffside on the Southern California coast, so guests can enjoy the cool weather and ocean blue without being right on the beach.



Utilize Shade

Wayfarers Chapel is framed by majestic redwood trees that provide shade from the harsh sun. You can have your full-fledged photo session all over the grounds and not have to worry about melting in the process. With both the ocean view and natural sanctuary surrounding you, you’re set for a perfect wedding day. Utilize your venue’s features to accommodate your needs!


Provide Heat Relief

If your reception is outdoors, give your guests relief as they come fresh off the dance floor. Offer fruit-infused water using summer citruses like oranges, limes and lemons. The fruit adds stylish sophistication and a refreshing twist. Your guests will thank you!



Eat Light

Heavy food mixed with hot weather is far from pleasant. Offer lighter seasonal options, such as grilled summer vegetables and farm-to-table meats. Have fun with frozen cocktails and perhaps swap the cake for a more festive option, like a sorbet or popsicle bar.

Dress Accordingly

Keep yourself (and your bridesmaids) cool by choosing light fabrics everyone will feel comfortable in. Silk-organza, satin and chiffon are all lightweight fabrics that will make for breezy, airy gowns.


Don’t Be a Blushing Bride

Don’t think that you can skip sunscreen on your wedding day. A sunburn will be more than apparent when wearing white! The wedding party and attendants should apply sunscreen prior to getting dressed to get ultimate sun protection. For anyone wearing makeup, apply a foundation or powder infused with sunscreen. As a bride, test out a few options before the big day to make sure your makeup doesn’t give you a white cast in photos, as some foundations with sunscreens can.


You’re now ready to have the summer wedding of your dreams, without any heat-hiccups! Show us how you beat the heat and tag us in your wedding photos!