How to Choose a Wedding Color Palette Based on Your Venue

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Congratulations! You’ve chosen the perfect wedding venue, and are now looking to incorporate overarching details into your big day. Complement the surrounding scenery with flowers, wedding decor and attire to tie in the venue. There are several ways to highlight the space you’ve chosen – read on to discover exactly how!





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Photo | Lindsey Cram

Look to the History of the Space

Is your venue more modern or have historical character? Celebrate the periodic design and use this as a starting point for what you envision your wedding to look like. If you’re working with a more modern, minimal space, use the clean lines and monotone look in other aspects of your wedding, perhaps sticking to black, white and neutral tones. To contrast, if your venue has unique historical appeal, play to the colors and design used to nod to the cultural significance of the space.  The Glass Chapel, for instance, was completed in 1951 by organic architect Lloyd Wright, son of the renowned American architectural pioneer Frank Lloyd Wright. Lloyd Wright was known for combining botany and landscape design with expressionist architecture themes. These details serve as great influence as you curate your wedding color palette!





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Photo | @tvbrandi

Embrace the Venue’s Natural Setting

Look to the trees and surrounding nature to inspire your wedding florals. If your venue is more abstract, talk with your florist about evoking the same ambience with unexpected flowers, experiential colorways and playful textures. If your venue is more traditional, stick to neutral tones, classic blooms and minimal arrangements. At Wayfarers, guests are transported to a lush oasis perched above the Pacific ocean. Notice the towering trees, abundant greenery and roses around you and utilize similar flowers and leaves that reflect this environment.





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Photo | Jacquelyn Nytes

Let Architectural Elements Inspire You

What is it about the venue that made you fall in love with the space the moment you saw it? Take note of the architectural elements that make your wedding destination distinctive. Wayfarers Chapel is the ultimate venue to tie in structural design, with its cathedral-like frame and glass and wooden features. Use the colors and shapes you are drawn to as a guide when choosing all aspects of your wedding day, from bridesmaids dresses to reception furniture.





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Photo | Amy Theilig

Take Advantage of  Natural Lighting

Whether your wedding is in the early afternoon or dusk, notice how the sky changes and light floods the space. If your wedding is at sunset, take cues from the pink, purple and peach tones to bring color into your wedding decor and design. If your wedding is during the middle of the day, utilize the bright blue sky and showering sunshine to create warmth and brightness in every wedding detail. Use the soft or striking light as inspiration to create an overall mood during your ceremony and reception.



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