How to Find Your Perfect Wedding Day Fragrance

There's a scent for every style!

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There’s something about perfume that instantly transports you to a particular time and place- a scent can perfectly encapsulate special moments you’ll want to keep sniffing forever. That’s why your wedding day fragrance isn’t just a minor part of your bridal beauty routine: this scent will later remind you of the day you said ‘I do’ and all its magical details. We’ve collected a variety of perfumes and tips for every bride to find their signature wedding day scent!




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First Things First

Before you order or purchase a perfume, make a trip to the department store or beauty retailer to test out scents. Because everyone’s body chemistry is different, a scent you admire on someone else may smell completely different on you. Fragrance experts recommend waiting a few minutes after spraying the perfume on your inner arm to gage how the scent reacts with your body oils. Have your friend or partner give it a whiff to make sure you’re smelling similar notes they’re picking up on, too.




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Classic and Floral

If you’re a traditional bride who prefers feminine and floral scents, Roses de Chloé is a no-brainer. With notes of rose and lychee, this sweet perfume is a romantic pick without being too overpowering.

Chloé Roses de Chloé eau de toilette, $95 for 50 mL,



Photo | Coulombe Perfume

Your Day, in a Bottle

This Canadian fragrance was designed with your wedding day in mind. Meant to be reminiscent of your big day, The Wedding Perfume bears notes of fresh bergamot, lemon, rose, jasmine, mimosa blossom and sandalwood. The perfume balances florals with musk for a sensual scent. To make sure you like it, you can purchase a 1.5 mL sample for $5 on their website- score!

Coulombe Perfume The Wedding Perfume, $250 for 55 mL,



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Beachy Bride

For a coastal, waterfront wedding at Wayfarers, consider a scent that evokes woody and sea-inspired notes. Jo Malone’s Wood Sage & Sea Salt is the perfect Wayfarers fragrance, a fresh perfume that balances the earthiness of sage with the mineral scent of ocean-sprayed air. Fun fact: this scent is one of Meghan Markle’s favorites that she considered wearing on her big day! Clearly, you have to smell it for yourself!

Jo Malone London Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne, $65 for 30 mL,



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Warm and Spicy

A favorite for brides who aren’t a fan of sugary-sweet scents, Chanel Chance contains warm florals such as jasmine, pink pepper and vanilla. This musky, modern fragrance has great staying power too, so it’s sure to last through the ceremony and reception!

Chanel CHANCE Eau de Parfum, $100 for 50 mL,



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Bohemian Bride-to-Be

This perfume smells just as unique as its name. A bestseller frequently snatched up by Instagram influencers and boho beauties, this perfume blends in with your natural scent to create a long-lasting fragrance completely unique to you. Bergamot, lemon, pine needle and sandalwood come together for a subtle but fresh fragrance perfect for spring and summer.

BYREDO Gypsy Water Eau de Parfum, $165 for 50 mL,



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Fresh and Clean

A clean, warm scent, REPLICA’s Lazy Sunday Morning is exactly what it sounds like: fresh linens, a gentle sunrise and summer breeze. Key notes include lily of the valley, iris, white musk and fresh pear. This perfume is perfect for your big day as well as on a relaxed, lazy weekend.

REPLICA Lazy Sunday Morning, $126 for 100 mL,




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Spray Away!

Once you’ve found your wedding day signature scent, spray on the pulse points of your body so that the fragrance is released all day (and night) long. Spritz on your inner wrists, inner elbows, behind your earlobes, the base of your throat and your hair for maximum staying power.


Which fragrance do you plan to wear on your big day? Tag us in your wedding photos!