How to Give Thanks at Your Wedding

Time to toast!

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In honor of Thanksgiving, we thought we’d help you give thanks to those who made your wedding day possible. You’ve planned, organized and dreamt about this day, but you know you couldn’t have done it without the help of your friends and family. Read on to find out how to toast to those who’ve gathered to celebrate you!




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Why toast?

As a couple, you acknowledging thanks to your guests will show them a great deal of appreciation. Don’t waste the opportunity to thank those who came near and far to help you celebrate the occasion. Odds are, everyone in the room will never be together at the same time and place ever again, so be sure to seize the moment.



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So you’ve clinked your glass, and now all eyes are on you. Now what? Transition into your toast by engaging the group in some good ol’ laughter. Start with a brief anecdote about your spouse-perhaps how you met, little things you love about him/her, how you knew they were the one. The crowd will be at ease, and the personalization will make your toast memorable.



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What should I say?

Make sure you keep it short and sweet, about two to three minutes long if your spouse is also speaking. First, thank your parents and in-laws for making it all possible, and for giving you the love of your life. Next, thank all of your guests for coming, and highlight the extra-long distances your guests have traveled to make them feel appreciated. Then, thank your bridesmaids for helping you prep for the big day, and for supporting you along the way. Finally, toast your new spouse to a new life together. Keep it light, fun and genuine.



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Go rogue

Note cards aren’t entirely necessary. Your thanks shouldn’t feel rehearsed, but spontaneous and sincere. Don’t be afraid to go off-script, just make sure you remember to include those you wish to thank. It could be a nightmare if you thank your makeup artist, but not your mom, you know?



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When do I toast?

It’s up to you, but many wedding consultants and event planners recommend toasting right before the cake cutting. The attention will be yours, and your speech won’t be strung along with others’ that may cause guests to start dozing off. Bonus tip: make sure to tell your photographer when your toast will happen, so they can capture the moment! Raise your glass, smile, and cheers! The deed is done.


Happy Thanksgiving from us to you! Let us know how you’re celebrating in the comments down below!