How to Make Your Bridesmaids Feel Special

Where would you be without your wedding squad?

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From the day you say ‘I do’ to walking down the aisle, your girls will have been by your side through it all. Your wedding day squad is NO joke, so why not show them your undying gratitude every step of the way? Below are several simple yet significant ways to make your beautiful bridesmaids feel special!




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Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

When it’s your turn to pop the question, make sure to be creative and clever! There are tons of fun ways to ask your bridesmaids to be a part of your big day, but personalization is key. Consider gifting a piece of jewelry they can wear on your wedding day, creating a gift box with celebratory items or a giving a sweet card accompanied by sweet treats. Whatever you choose, convey to your bridesmaids how excited you are to share this milestone with them!




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Get Social

Your bridesmaids may not all know each other, so introducing them to one another will only enhance their experience (and yours)! Host a casual gathering for coffee, meet for brunch or grab drinks to strengthen the bond between your bridesmaids-to-be!



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Fashion Freestyle

No two bridesmaids look alike, so don’t dress them like they do! Allow your bridesmaids to pick their dresses from a variety of styles and shades in your color palette to ensure they feel confident and beautiful on your big day. You want them to radiate just as much bridal beauty as you will!



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Prep + Pamper

Whether you hire a professional makeup artist for your squad or keep things simple and DIY the day, pampering your pals will fuel some self-love and relaxation. Break out the mani pedis, homemade teeth whitener and bronzing lotion for the ultimate girls spa day!



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Wedding Wardrobe

Make your bridesmaids feel like VIPs by personalizing their dress hangers! Not only will this help discern whose dress is whose amongst the wedding day chaos, but your girlfriends can keep them as a memento of participating in your special day!



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Continued Celebration

Keep the merriment going by bringing the whole wedding party together for a post-celebratory brunch. Your bridesmaids will feel important just by you keeping them around even after the big day is over! It’s like the party never ended!