How to Nail Your Wedding Photos

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Brides and grooms everywhere aren’t exactly used to having a full-on-photoshoot capturing their intimate moments. The added hustle and bustle of the wedding  day can also leave the wedding photos of the celebrated couple to be an afterthought. Ditch the nerves, be prepared and rock your wedding photos with a few simple tips and tricks!



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Scout the Venue

Before the big day, scout the venue with your partner to pinpoint specific areas on the grounds in which you might want to be photographed. At Wayfarers Chapel, couples have two hours on the property on their wedding day, including the ceremony. Getting an in-depth look at the venue beforehand will save time for you and the photographer before he snaps each shot. | Carissa Woo Photography | Wayfarers Chapel Southern California Wedding Photographer | Los Angeles Weddings Photography  (8).jpg

Photo | Carissa Woo Photography

The Photographer

Choose a photographer whose style you admire and who is familiar with the venue. You’ll want to look back and absolutely love your wedding photos, so make sure you’ll still love their editing style and aesthetic for years to come. Wayfarers Chapel is a stunning, expansive venue, so picking one of our preferred photographers is recommended to best capture the right frames, lighting and locations. 




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The Mindset

Whether you shoot before or after the ceremony, you’ll be thinking about every wedding dynamic along with the wedding guests and members of the wedding party. Lose yourself in your partner, and forget about it all – it’s just you two! Being comfortable and just being in the moment will result in naturally beautiful images. Have fun with one another and kiss, laugh and enjoy this time away from the wedding day craziness!



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The First Look 

Don’t forget to capture this special moment! Be yourselves as the photographer snaps these authentic reactions – you’ll love reflecting on this moment when you look  at your wedding photos! 


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