PCA Celebrates 100 Years of Stewardship

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Wayfarers Chapel is a member of the Pacific Coast Association (PCA) of the Swedenborgian Church. PCA is celebrating 100 years of stewardship! They just held their annual meeting in Silver City, New Mexico, hosted by the New Church of the Southwest Desert. To see photos and get updates on what PCA has been doing, follow their Facebook page.


Did you know?…

PCA and Wayfarers Chapel have a unique relationship. As a result of the distinct vision for Wayfarers Chapel, from the beginning there has been no official membership to the Chapel. This was put into place by the Chapel’s founders and has kept the chapel unencumbered by any one group feeling they ‘own’ the Chapel; it was always to be kept open and for the wayfarer. Yet, for those who do call Wayfarers their home church, this does not mean that they aren’t able to be involved in regional and national aspects of our denomination. For those seeking a membership affiliation, they are able become at-large members of PCA who are affiliated with Wayfarers Chapel.