Significant Dates

July 16, 1949

Dedication of the cornerstone and site consecrated.


May 13, 1951

Dedication of Wayfarers Chapel. The Rev. Leonard Tafel officiated.


January to December 1954

Hallelujah Tower constructed; beam planter walls, sidewalks and Reflection Pool added.



Colonnade and Visitors Center built.


November 1964

Baptism front installed.


June 1972

Hillside Memorial Stream dedicated.


December 1978

The 16-bell carillon in the Tower installed.



Glass Logia constructed (final design for the Chapel by Lloyd Wright).



Memorial Fountain in the reflection pool installed.



Celebration Lights installed. Designed by Eric Lloyd Wright, son of Lloyd Wright.



Original Visitors Center building removed.


May 20, 2001

50th Anniversary Celebration and Dedication of the new Visitors Center.


July 11, 2005

Wayfarers Chapel is listed on the National Register of Historic Places with the Department of the Interior on July 11, 2005.