The 5 Things You Need to Tell Your Father On Your Wedding Day

Dear Dad...

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In honor of Father’s Day this Sunday, this post is dedicated to all of the wonderful dads out there! On your wedding day, there are so many elements in play- the ceremony, the reception and the guests. Sometimes, you need to take a moment and reflect on the people that are the most important to you and have helped guide you up until this special day. Dads, this one goes out to you!



1. Thank you

Before the wedding ceremony begins, allow your dad to have a first glance of you in your gown before the groom does. Take the opportunity to give him a hug and simply thank him for everything leading up to this day. The family vacations and childhood dance classes will mean more to you than he’ll ever know.  His guidance, support and love have surely helped shape you to be who you are today- it’s the least you can do!

2. I’ll Still Need You

Of course, you’re starting a new life with someone you love. You will embark on an exciting adventure and tackle everything life throws at you together. However, you’ll still need your dad- make sure to let him know that. Tell him to be expecting calls about finance, stain-removing and the latest politics because honestly, these are things you’ll never understand without him.

3. You Showed Me Love

Tell your father that his love for you allowed you to know what love is. You believe in love because of him. Thank him for handing you off to someone who will provide infinite love for the rest of your life.

4. You’re Still the Most Important Man in My Life

It’s common for fathers to feel as though “giving you away” is more literal than it’s meant to be. Your dad was the first man you ever loved, and it’s for this reason that he will always hold a special place in your heart. Make sure to give him this validation, and let him know he’ll always be your hero that your spouse will be inspired to become.

5. I’ll Always Be Daddy’s Little Girl

During your father-daughter dance, assure your dad that you’ll always be his little girl. You’ll always look up to him and admire his wisdom in every situation. Ballet tutu or wedding gown, he’s been twirling you around for years and today is no exception.

Happy Father’s Day to the ones who allow their children to do, dream and dance in life. We hope everyone celebrates accordingly today!