The Engagement Ring Style Guide

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When most people think of types of engagement rings, they are drawn to the size and shape of the diamond rather than the setting. From simple to bedazzling, ring styles suit different tastes and personalities. Set the tone for your ring’s style with a setting that feels entirely you. Check out our style guide to see which setting is destined to be yours!




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If your closet is simple, timeless and chic, this ring is for you! Often prong-style, the solitaire setting is easily among the most popular for brides-to-be. This style gives maximum exposure to your diamond, keeping it perched and pretty on your finger.






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Maybe you like a little sparkle, but not too much – consider a pave ring. This setting supports the diamond with smaller encrusted diamonds going around half or fully around the entire band.





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For the sporty bride who appreciates the nice things in life, this ring is meant to be. Tiny diamonds surrounding the ring are enclosed and protected by metal edges that form a ‘channel.’ This sparkly setting protects the diamonds from falling out or getting damaged. For the on-the-go, active bride-to-be, this ring is the perfect piece of bling.





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This art-deco aesthetic setting is a stunning selection for the bohemian, eclectic bride. A bezel setting encases the diamond in a metal frame, securely holding and protecting the stone in place. This engagement ring style is also ideal for softer stones to lock them in place, such as emeralds and opals.





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This engagement ring style is simple yet unique, in that it is a center stone turned sideways. The east-west setting is fresh and modern, but minimalistic in style, often featuring a marquise or solitaire-type shape.






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For a grand, impactful look, a halo setting is perfect for the glamorous bride. This setting surrounds the diamond and gives the illusion of the stone being larger. Like a pave setting, you can choose larger stones or smaller stones to complement the rest of the ring.





This stunning antique engagement ring has a classically elegant feel.

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Split Shank

For the modern, simplistic bride, the split shank setting is a beautiful pick. This ring style frames the diamond with a negative space setting for a distinctive and refined look.





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Three Stone

With this ring, you get not one, but three times the sparkle! The over-the-top, glamorous bride will be all about this setting. Each diamond can be the same size, or the outer diamonds may be a few carats smaller than the center stone.