Wedding Tasks You Can Do From Home

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Has your wedding planning suddenly come to a halt? Revive your drive to keep going and discover how you can be just as productive in your wedding planning process from the comfort of your home. Read on for our top tips!



This photo is the perfect way to show off the new engagement ring after a proposal!

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Build a Wedding Website

In today’s digital era, it’s smart to create a go-to page with wedding information your guests can check back and reference as the big day closes in. Even if your details may be up in the air at the moment, take the time to customize it exactly how you want it, and input the information you do know right now. Check out our blog post on what to include on your wedding website here. 




How to Set Up a Wedding Pinterest Board | Ireland

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Update Your Pinterest Boards

Whether you’ve had your ‘Wedding Day’ Pinterest board since you were in high school or have just started to curate your ideal wedding day on the social platform, get organized and update it with ideas to keep you inspired. Get creative and make specific boards such as flowers, bridesmaids and cocktail hour so you can present your vision to your vendors as you secure them.




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Build Your Registry

Look around your home and think of wish-list items you might need or desire for your kitchen and living spaces. Have you been wanting to make a recipe but didn’t have the right equipment? Or, wanted to start a garden but don’t have the proper tools? Discuss with your partner what you didn’t know you needed until now!




You found that someone special. You know you want to spend the rest of your life with that one person. You know that being able to spend the rest of your life together is your idea of bliss. But we all know there are no guarantees in life. So, how can you make sure you both stay happy, each with the other? What are the secrets to staying happy and content in your relationship? This article provides five relationship secrets to keeping your relationship amazing.

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(First) Dance Practice

Whether you plan to have a choreographer help you with your First Dance or plan to just “wing it,” pick out a song with your fiance and start practicing! Check out dance tutorials online that can teach you different steps and techniques you may not have thought of yourself.




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Make Your Playlist

Sit down with you partner and discuss what tunes you’d like to be played at your reception! This can take weeks to put together, so enjoy this time to make it perfect. Whether you plan to have a live band or DJ at your reception, you’ll be able to pass along your song requests that will make your day special.




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Have a Tasting

Need to pick out your toasting champagne? Have a tasting! Want to dream up a his and hers cocktail? Have a tasting! Caterers, restaurants and bakeries are also getting creative in offering to-go options and delivery when it comes to menu tastings for the big day, so do your research as you make some delicious decisions!




Thank you for your order cards Business Stationery Business | Etsy

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If you’ve already had your engagement party or are recently engaged, take the time to write your thank-you-notes for gifts you’ve received. Consider writing notes to those who may have reached out and offered kind words and encouragement, as well.




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Browse for Your Dream Dress

While you may prefer trying on wedding dresses in-person, peruse different boutiques, online shops and wedding magazines to discover new designers or learn about different silhouettes. This is the time to find out what you love, and get excited about different options for when you do try on dresses IRL.




7 Tricks Busy Women Swear by When Getting Dressed in the Morning | The Everygirl

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Set Aside Time for Self-Care

Take care of your mind, body and spirit during this time. Check in with yourself to learn what your body needs and how to take care of your mental health. Some self-care ideas: Plan a date-night with you partner where you cook a new dish, try different at-home workouts to stay moving or have a spa night and draw a luxurious bath.



What wedding tasks are you doing at home? For more information on weddings at Wayfarers, click here.