A Marriage Workshop for Engaged Couples and Married Couples

A satisfying marriage requires couples to learn and demonstrate skills that empower them to maintain mutual affection while resolving issues, upsets, challenges, and conflicts that are an inevitable aspect of every marriage.

Successful marriage requires love, commitment, knowledge, effort, and work. Form the intention now to create a resilient and long-term loving marriage from the start.

Strengthen your relationship and prepare constructively for future challenges by attending the optional Marriage Success Workshop at Wayfarers Chapel!

What will we learn?

The 7 Keys to a Successful Marriage
The Normal Stages of Marriage
The Healing Power of Humor in Marriage
How to Nurture each other emotionally
How to Support your partner when he/she is feeling vulnerable or overly stressed
Increase your Relationship IQ
Identify and remove the negative emotions that can become destructive of love
Lifestyle habits that promote joy and peace
The Practice of Unconditional Love
3 Attitudes that create Flourishing Partnerships
The Forgiveness Principle
The Humility Factor
Understanding your Differences
Understanding your Similarities
How to express fondness and appreciation
Healthy Communication Habits
How to offer Constructive Feedback
Building a “We-First” relationship
The Loving Art of Compromise
How to Deal with Touchy Subjects

What can I expect?

A small, fun, religion neutral workshop facilitated by a helping professional who’s devoted to helping couples create and sustain a marriage that grows more beautiful in mutual love through the years.
Facilitator: Dr. Bruce Porfilio, Psychologist


Please call the Reservation office for specific Workshop dates. They may be reached Monday – Friday at 310-377-1650 ext. 1.