We welcome you to join us for Sunday Worship Service at 10:15am, and Wednesday Prayer & Healing Service at 12:00pm, currently held at St Francis Episcopal Church (small sanctuary). 2200 Via Rosa ~ Palos Verdes Estates ~ 90274

Chapel & Grounds Are Closed


Wayfarers Chapel management announced plans to move forward with disassembly of the iconic structure to save it from landslide destruction. Currently, Wayfarers Chapel and the surrounding grounds are closed due to the momentum of local land movement. The Portuguese Bend landslide has accelerated at an unprecedented rate and is dramatically impacting the Wayfarers Chapel campus and surrounding area.

It has been determined that the immediate deconstruction of the chapel is the safest and most viable preservation action to take at this time and will prevent further irreparable damage to the chapel’s structure and materials. The team will begin the careful disassembly of the chapel, which includes cataloguing and documenting each piece, preserving as much of the chapel’s original materials as practicable, and relocating all component parts to a temporary safe location until they can be reassembled. Simultaneously, the team will evaluate options for reconstruction on this site or one nearby. The Wayfarers community is committed to preserving the historic chapel and giving it a resilient future.

For more information, please visit our website to view our recent press release and frequently asked questions.

A Beautiful Sacred Space

Pause for a moment, Wayfarer, on life’s journey.

Let the beauty of holiness restore your soul.

May the harmony of sky and water, leaf and rock, nourish the creation and growth of your inner being as you fare through this life and on into the life beyond.

The Grounds

at Wayfarer Chapel

at Wayfarers Chapel

The natural sanctuary of Palos Verdes sits nestled in a grove of towering redwoods on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Designed by renowned organic architect Lloyd Wright, the stone and glass structure gives unique expression to the sacred space that welcomes all Wayfarers along life’s path.

~ Wayfarers Chapel

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Upcoming Events

There is always something special happening at Wayfarers Chapel. Throughout the year we present programs that include concerts, workshops, lectures, holiday performances and other presentations and invite you to attend.

Prayer & Healing Service (@ St. Francis Episcopal Church)

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