Memorial Services

Families from all faiths and backgrounds come to The Wayfarers Chapel to hold memorial services for their loved ones.

In a memorial service, we are celebrating the life that someone has lived and we are honoring their memory. The natural and transient beauty of the Chapel offers a place of peace in which family and friends can gather to pray, reflect, and share memories. The Chapel can accommodate up to 100 guests.

When you make a reservation for a memorial service, you will also schedule a conference with a Chapel Minister, who will learn about your loved one and work with you to design a service to honor their unique personality and gifts. A memorial service typically consists of music, prayers, readings, and the sharing of memories. Music helps create an atmosphere of peace and reflection. Included as a part of the service is our Chapel Keyboardist, a talented musician who is able to perform in a wide variety of musical styles.

Families have the option of having the memorial service recorded and live streamed by our Chapel video team. The service is recorded discreetly from a remote-controlled camera that is placed in the back of the Chapel.

Having the service recorded enables loved ones who are unable to attend the memorial service, whether they are far away or have health constraints that make traveling difficult, to still be included and feel close to the family and experience the sharing of memories.

A recording of the service in its entirety will be given to you to keep as a way to commemorate the life of your loved one. For live-streamed services, you will be given your own private streaming channel with a specific address you can share with your loved ones so that they can participate remotely.

If you have religious or spiritual questions about memorial services, please contact our Lead Chapel Minister and Director of Ministry, Rev. Dr. David Brown, 1 (310) 377-1650 Ext. 5

To inquire about having a Memorial Service at the Chapel, please contact our Reservations Office at 310-377-1650 Ext. 1 (Monday – Thursday from 9am – 4pm).

Monday-Wednesday – $3,500

(Contact the Reservations Office for Thursday – Sunday rates and availability.)

Video and Streaming Costs:

$700 to capture the service

+$100 add on to live-stream the service

“Let all know and remember, therefore, that everyone is born for heaven, and that they are received into heaven who receive heaven into themselves while in the world.”

~ Emanuel Swedenborg, Heaven and Hell §420