We are a diverse group of spiritual seekers who honor the right of every individual to find his or her own spiritual path. In our discussions, all points of view are respected. We are always open to learning from each other and from other religious and spiritual traditions.

Two highlights of the year come on Christmas Eve and Palm Sunday. In our Christmas Eve Services, volunteers from our worshiping community dress in costumes and present the Nativity story in a series of processions to the manger. In our Palm Sunday Pageant, volunteers reenact the last days of Jesus’ life from the Triumphal Entry to Jerusalem to the Last Supper.

Wayfarers Chapel is an open and affirming ministry, offering equal blessing and support to all people regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, national origin, religious background, or chosen spiritual path.

There is no congregational membership at Wayfarers Chapel. However, some of our spiritual seekers have joined our mother church, The Swedenborgian Church, by confirmation and becoming at-large members of our regional church association, The Pacific Coast Association of The New Jerusalem (The Swedenborgian Church).