Wayfarers Chapel

Unique Sacred Space

The mission of The Wayfarers Chapel is to nurture the spiritual journey of wayfarers. A church without a formal congregational membership, Wayfarers Chapel welcomes people of all faiths to Sunday service at 10am and to other life celebrations.

Nestled in a grove of towering redwood trees the natural sanctuary of Palos Verdes stone and glass designed by Lloyd Wright gives unique expression to the sacred space that welcomes all wayfarers along life’s path.

With its breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean and Catalina Island, the 3.5 acres feature beautifully landscaped gardens and trees forming arbored walkways leading to gardens replicating the forest floor and rose garden.

Beliefs That Interconnect With All Of Life

The first “Swedenborgian” church was organized in London in 1787. Swedenborg’s theological writings were brought to America shortly after and a church was started in Baltimore in 1792. Swedenborg’s writings have since spread throughout the world and inspired the establishment of churches on every continent, except Antarctica.

Christian Denomination

An open-minded, forward-looking Christian denomination, the Swedenborgian Church of North America was founded to help people be more open to the Lord’s presence and leading, to facilitate the spiritual well-being of people, and to increase awareness of the new age in which we live.

Respecting Differences

Since the beginning, The Swedenborgian Church has become a haven for seekers who share Swedenborg’s quest for a religion that interconnects with all of life, and for a system that allows reasoned questioning of life’s deepest spiritual issues. To this day, the Swedenborgian Church encourages inquiry, respect for differences, and acceptance of other traditions of life and religion.

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