On Friday, July 27th, Bernard Fallon, a dedicated art teacher at the Palos Verdes Art Center, chose the scenic views from the Wayfarers Chapel grounds as the weekly inspiration for his Plein Air painting class.

From the moment you meet Bernard (who is from Liverpool, England, has a B.A. from the Liverpool School of Art, and a post grad degree from Leicester School of Photography) it becomes clear he is very experienced and extremely passionate about teaching art to his students.

Although it was a bit hazy, the class of five students set up their easels and paints and let their eyes soak in all the wonders of the ocean, clouds, foliage and sky in order to paint their interpretation of the beauty around them.

After 20 years of painting indoors, local realtor Suzie Caro Choi decided to try Plein Air painting. Now it’s her favorite thing to do in her spare time.

Lillian was excited that during her trip from Santa Cruz she was able to paint at the Chapel as a “pop-up” student. Bernard encourages people to come when they can, even if they can only make it to one class or if they live out of town!

Painting away, Jan Bock worked on two paintings, one a scene of the ocean (above) and the other a section of the vibrant flowers in the rose garden and the back of the Chapel. (below)

Laura Seiple (above) made herself comfortable on the grass of the amphitheater to sketch the back side of the Chapel and rose garden.

Lynn Werner (below) has the ideal set up for plein air painting. With a degree in art herself, she still enjoys taking art classes at the PV Art Center.

Each student received individual attention and instruction as they painted and were easily informed if they needed to add this color or that color from their palate to their canvas. Even more, the students appreciated being able to paint at Wayfarers Chapel!

If you are interested in hosting a class at Wayfarers Chapel please contact Andi at [email protected]. For more information on this class or other classes at the Palos Verdes Art Center, you can visit their website: http://pvartcenter.org/