Snow White-Worthy Enchanted Forest Wedding Ideas

It's straight out of a storybook!

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Imagine a picturesque ceremony among a forest of trees with sunlight glimmering down upon a sea of guests. Straight out of a fairytale, right? If you’re having your wedding at Wayfarers, the dreamy location makes for the perfect enchanted forest. Here are some ideas to get a romantic woodland wedding just like Snow White. Cue the singing woodland animals!



Pew Flowers

Tie in the foliage from outside the chapel walls and add interior arrangements composed of hydrangeas, white roses and various greenery. These florals will frame the pews perfectly, and add just the right amount of whimsical nature without being too over the top.


The Ring Box

Reveal the rings with a statement and present them in a wooden log box like this one. Cushion the rings in moss, and ta-da! You’ve got yourself a treasure that looks like it’s been touched by a woodland fairy. The box also serves as a keepsake to remind you of your special day.


Seating Cards

Make your own seating cards that are sure to wow your guests. Cut cotton into square-sized pieces and dip-dye them in hunter green watercolor or thin paint. Brush gold foil (available at most craft stores) on the bottom with Modge Podge to give the cards an elegant luster. Lastly, grab a paint pen and inscribe the cards with your guests’ names. A DIY you’re sure to be proud of, beautifully and easily done!


Mossy Decor

Buy moss in bulk and use it to fill glass bulbed containers that can serve as simple centerpieces for reception tables. Plop votive candles in each and add any greenery you desire. Woodland elegance, mastered!


Mirror, Mirror

To create an envy-worthy fantasy land (simply put, reception space), place large bronze mirrors on the venue’s lawns and hang chandeliers in the trees for a touch of sparkle. This space can act as an Instagram-ready photo background for guests to enjoy.


Cocktails With Forest Flair

Stay true to your theme during cocktail hour and serve beverages with sprigs of greenery and birch paper straws. These ones from Amazon come in a box of 144 for $9… does it get any better than that?


A Berry Beautiful Cake

Have a standout yet simple cake topped with fresh berries that look like they’ve just been picked from the woods. Decorate with greenery to finish, and voila! A cake fit for an enchanted forest.


Cozy Accessories

Provide cozy blankets or throws for your guests and thank them for “warming your hearts” by attending your special day. Your guests will feel comfortable and peaceful at their wonderful woodland getaway.


The Send Off

Forget rice and sparklers. Send off the bride and groom and “spread the love” at the same time by throwing plant seeds into the air as they make their grand exit. Such a unique touch, and completely ties in the forest theme. Watch the pair blossom before your eyes- literally.

Ready for your enchanted forest wedding to come to life? Let us know which idea is your favorite in the comments!