***COVID-19 Notice***

Our Reservations office is available by phone (310-377-1650 x1) during this time to arrange for new reservations and to answer questions about existing reservations.

They are currently working modified schedules (Monday – Thursday from 9am – 4pm) and as a result our response times may be delayed. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.

For information about private ceremonies during this time, please see our

Current Wedding Ceremony Protocols page.


We are honored that you are considering Wayfarers Chapel as the venue for your wedding celebration.

Your Wedding Reservation

We will hold your tentative wedding reservation for fifteen days with a $200 non-refundable Reservation Fee. We provide this time for you so you may consider your wedding plans at Wayfarers Chapel.

If you decide to continue with your wedding plans at the Chapel, we ask you to confirm your wedding by paying the entire wedding contribution (minus the reservation fee) and returning the completed and signed wedding questionnaire to the Chapel within fifteen days of making your reservation.

Wedding contributions are non-refundable, but you may change your wedding date or ceremony time without penalty.

If we do not receive your wedding contribution and signed questionnaire by the end of fifteen days, we will assume you do not wish to proceed with your wedding plans at the Chapel and will cancel your wedding reservation.

We do not keep a waiting list for reservations. To find out what dates and times are currently available for scheduling, please contact our Reservations Office.

Wedding Contribution

Please see our Wedding Costs page.

Chapel Ministers

Ministers of the Chapel officiate at all weddings and sign all documents. A Chapel minister will meet with you for a minister’s conference in advance of your wedding day. At the conference, the Chapel Minister will discuss your service and any special plans you may have. The marriage service outline used at Wayfarers Chapel expresses the Swedenborgian Church’s view of marriage, however, our ministers work with couples to tailor the wedding service to their own personal religious/spiritual beliefs. In the spirit of mutual respect, the Chapel minister’s decision about what to include in the service is final.

Rehearsal and Meetings

Prior to your wedding day, we will schedule a Planning Conference with a Wedding Director, a Minister’s Conference, and a Rehearsal. Each of which will last approximately one hour.

Your Wedding Day

We want you to have the full enjoyment of the Chapel and surrounding gardens. Please plan your arrival no earlier than one hour before your scheduled wedding time. You will have a total of two hours on the grounds.

For example: If you have a 2pm wedding, you arrive at the Chapel at 1pm, the wedding ceremony begins at 2pm (the ceremony typically lasts for approximately 20 minutes), and you depart from the grounds at 3pm. All photographs must be taken within your two hour time frame.

All ceremonies begin on time.


Music is included and is played by the Chapel musician on the Chapel’s Yamaha Clavinova. This is a single keyboard instrument with the capacity to sound like a piano, organ, or harp, as well as, other instruments. Only the Chapel keyboardist is permitted to play the keyboard.

Please see our Wedding Music page for additional information.

You may also have additional Chapel musicians (or your own musicians) to play at your wedding. Please remember that space is limited and a trio is the largest musical group that can be accommodated. No microphones, amplification, or electrical instruments are needed or permitted in the Chapel. Please contact our Reservations Office for more information.


The only decoration allowed in the Chapel are flowers attached to the pews. Our Aisle/Pew Flower package is the only decoration allowed in the Chapel. This option is an additional charge and may be ordered through our Reservations Office. Please see our Wedding Aisle/Pew Flowers page for additional information.


We strongly recommend you to consider hiring one of the professional photographers from the Chapel’s recommended photographers list. These photographers are intimately familiar with the Chapel and gardens and know the best locations to obtain perfect views and backgrounds whether it is daylight, evening, sunny, or cloudy.

Video & Streaming

Wayfarers Chapel offers a unique multi-camera video service and live streaming for your wedding. You have the opportunity to choose from a variety of packages with different pricing. Please see our Wedding Video & Streaming page for additional information.

The choice of videographer is up to you. If you choose a videographer other than Wayfarers Chapel, they may use only one camera at the rear of the Chapel and be required to follow the Chapel’s videography guidelines.

About Your Marriage License

To be married at the Chapel, you must provide a valid California marriage license. If you are already legally married, you must provide the Chapel with a copy of your legal documents.

For other questions, please check our Frequently Asked Questions

The Wayfarers Chapel staff looks forward to making your wedding day dreams a reality.

If you are ready to make a reservation, or if you have additional questions, please contact our Reservations Office, they will be happy to help you.

They are in the office Monday – Thursday from 9am – 4pm

+1 (310) 377-1650 Ext. 1


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