Wedding Video & Streaming

The Wayfarers Chapel Video team has filmed multi-camera weddings at the Chapel since 2004. Their experience and knowledge in capturing weddings at Wayfarers Chapel is unparalleled. Using state of the art camera equipment and webcasting technology, Wayfarers Chapel Video is capable of exclusively capturing multiple-camera angles and blending these shots into a seamless production that is given to the couple before they leave the grounds. You also have the option to add live streaming of your wedding ceremony so that it can be viewed remotely by family and friends who are unable to attend.

What’s The Difference?

Our exclusive remote controlled cameras will provide you with a seamless filming and recording of the entire ceremony and your complete ceremony video will be presented to you before you leave the Chapel! Our goal is to provide a quality, well-produced program of your wedding ceremony that can be enjoyed instantly and forever.

Video Options

“The Ceremony” 

Cost: $700

Wayfarers Video uses strategically placed, remote controlled, HD cameras in the Chapel. Our cameras capture all the beautiful moments of your ceremony in its entirety. Only Wayfarers Video is allowed to place cameras in the front of the Chapel. A wireless microphone is placed on the groom and the minister for crystal clear audio. Your video will be professionally mixed, recorded, and presented to you before you leave the Chapel. A .mp4 file is given to each couple before departure from the Chapel on a 4GB USB flashdrive. We will capture the sights and sounds of your ceremony that will instantly and forever become a family heirloom.


Add on Cost: $100 (Normal add on cost: $275)

Wayfarers Video can stream your Ceremony, as it happens, in its entirety. Share the love with family and friends who can not attend on your own private streaming channel. The address for your private channel can be given when you order for inclusion in your wedding invitations. Ceremony video must be purchased in order to “add on” our Live Streaming option. 

Adding A Video Package

To place your video order call our Event Coordinators at (310) 377-1650 ext. 1 (Monday through Thursday), and they will fill out your order with you over the phone.

Video FAQ’s

More details and demos Here, or email Wayfarers Video Here.