Exclusive Front Angles Captured by Remote Controlled Cameras

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Two HD cameras strategically place in the front of the Chapel to capture exclusive close-ups as you exchange your marriage vows and rings, surrounded by family and friends.

And our back camera will be ready to preserve this joyous moment as you begin your married life together.

Our exclusive remote controlled cameras will provide you with a seamless filming and recording of the entire ceremony.

Your complete ceremony video will be presented to you before you leave the Chapel!

Add Live Streaming and share online.

Only available through Wayfarers Video.

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“Our goal is to provide a quality, well-produced program of your
wedding ceremony that can be enjoyed instantly and forever.”
~Steve Smith, Director, Wayfarers Video


A v a i l a b l e   P a c k a g e s


CEREMONY ONLY (Click to view) 

Our three remotely controlled HD cameras are strategically positioned to capture unique angles that no other videographer has access to. The two exclusive angles are in the front of the Chapel capturing intimate moments such as your marriage vows and ring exchange and more. Live video from the Three HD cameras and sound from multiple wireless microphones are professionally recorded, mixed and presented to you before you leave the Chapel. We will capture the sights and sounds of your ceremony that will instantly and forever become a family heirloom. Cost: $700.



Includes everything described under “Ceremony Only” plus coverage of your time on the grounds. Working with your photographer we capture the sights and sounds of your wedding at this special place before and after your ceremony. Within two weeks you will receive you fully edited video. Cost: $1,500.


STREAMING (Click to view)

Streaming includes everything described under “Ceremony Only.” The 3-camera video and audio mix will be streamed live as it happens to a dedicated password protected player. Your ceremony will be viewable as Video-On-Demand afterwards. Live Streaming must be added to one of the above services. Cost: $275.




Y o u r   V i d e o   O r d e r

To place your video order call the Reservations Staff at (310) 377-1650 ext. 1 (Monday through Friday), and they will fill out your order with you over the phone.


More details and demos HERE, or contact Wayfarers Video HERE.