Swedenborgian Church God is infinitely loving and at the center of every life. Truth is love in action. Actions performed out of love are genuine expressions in a physical form of what love means. There is one God whose essence is Divine Love and Wisdom. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are all aspects of God just as body, mind, and soul are all aspects of one person. The Bible is the inspired Word of God that provides inspiration and help [...]

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Greek word meaning home. The ancient Greek word oikos (ancient Greek: οἶκος, plural: οἶκοι; English prefix: eco- for ecology and economics) refers to three related but distinct concepts: the family, the family's property, and the house. Its meaning shifts even within texts, which can lead to confusion.[1] The oikos was the basic unit of society in most Greek city-states. In normal Attic usage the oikos, in the context of families, referred to a line of descent from [...]

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