Nestled in a grove of towering redwood trees, the natural sanctuary made of Palos Verdes stone, redwood, and glass was designed by architect Lloyd Wright. The Chapel’s organic architecture gives unique expression to the sanctuary as a sacred space that welcomes all wayfarers along life’s path. With its breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and Catalina Island, the 3.5 acres of the Chapel grounds feature beautifully landscaped gardens, trees forming arbored walkways, a reflection pool with a memorial fountain, a colonnade, a rose garden with walkways of engraved pavers, a hillside stream, and a visitors center.

Holding your ceremony at the Chapel gives you the best of all things – it is a sacred space that offers a natural, beachy/coastal, and woodsy atmosphere in close proximity to Los Angeles, the Beach Cities, and Orange County.

To see photo samples from recent weddings here at the Chapel, please visit our recommended photographers’ websites. Click here to see our recommended photographers.

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A photo of a wedding couple with the Chapel in the background
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In season nine of The Bachelorette, Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried celebrated their dream wedding here at the Chapel. On January 18th, 2015 the couple exchanged vows at Wayfarers Chapel and began their new life together as husband and wife!

The Bachelorette is just one of many television shows and movies that have filmed here at Wayfarers Chapel. You may have noticed the Chapel in scenes of: The O.C., Lucifer, Beverly Hills 90210, Sliders, Revenge, Innerspace, Endless Love, The Rockford Files, and True Detective.

A photo of the couple at the altar
A photo of the Chapel exterior
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Lloyd Wright, Chapel Architect

Shortly after World War II, Chapel Architect Lloyd Wright, son of pioneering American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, found his inspiration for the design of The Wayfarers Chapel on a trip in the redwood forests of northern California. When he saw how the redwood trees formed a majestic cathedral-like sanctuary, he decided to use that concept as the basis for the Chapel’s design. The glass structure creates a sense of transient space, being simultaneously inside and outside. Lloyd Wright’s design is one of the foremost examples of organic architecture and has inspired many other buildings around the world. Wayfarers Chapel is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places.

A photo of the colonnade, bell tower, rose garden, and Chapel
A photo of a baby being baptized
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Organic Architecture

Lloyd Wright designed the Wayfarers Chapel to be a tree chapel, a natural sanctuary set in the midst of a forest. Because the trees and plantings were as important as the other architectural elements, Lloyd Wright integrated the landscaping into the original construction plans. He designed the site, landscaping, and gardens to reflect the beauty of the botanical plantings found on the floors of the northern redwood forests of California. The task of implementing the botanical vision that began with the Chapel construction continues today, and will be carried out in the future. Extensive lawns and an outdoor grass amphitheater complete the 3.5 acres site, and complement the numerous gardens.

Arbored Walks

Native California plants and trees are called for throughout the grounds. Redwood trees are featured in the planting berms on either side of the Chapel. Planted more than a half century ago, they are just now reaching their maturity, fulfilling Lloyd Wright’s vision. Italian Stone pines are planted along the sidewalks surrounding the Chapel and their graceful branches arching overhead to form arbored walks. Other trees are planted around the grounds including: Canary Island pines, olives, bays, peppers, apple, toyon, apricot, ficus, and junipers.

Forest Floor Garden

The Forest Floor Garden, located between the Chapel and the Reflection Pool, features many of the plants found in redwood forests, including: ferns, azaleas, irises, rhododendron, and redwood sorrel.

Rose Garden

The Rose Garden borders the Colonnade and is known for its roses that bloom year round. The rose garden is also home to some Biblical plants, including lilies, crown of thorns, and aloe.


To maintain the simplicity and naturalness of the gardens and grounds, a master landscape plan, initiated by architect Lloyd Wright, and enhanced by his son, architect Eric Lloyd Wright, guides the maintenance and development of all the Chapel grounds. Many of the plantings gracing the Chapel site were given as memorials. The landscape plan may be viewed in the Visitors Center where information on memorial plantings may also be obtained.

A photo of roses
A photo of a walkway
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The Wayfarers Chapel Video team has filmed multi-camera weddings at the Chapel since 2004. Their experience and knowledge in capturing weddings at Wayfarers Chapel is unparalleled. Using state of the art camera equipment and Internet webcasting technology, Wayfarers Chapel Video is capable of exclusively capturing multiple-camera angles and blending these shots into a seamless production that can be given to the couple before they leave the grounds. The ceremony can be webcast live to be viewed remotely by family and friends who are unable to attend.

Our video team is also available to capture memorial services and baptisms.

“Our goal is to provide a quality, well-produced program of your wedding ceremony that can be enjoyed instantly and forever.” ~ Steve Smith, Wayfarers Chapel Video Director



Your wedding music creates a mood of simple dignity that is in harmony with the Chapel and the spirit of your ceremony. Music for your wedding is played on the Chapel’s Yamaha Clavinova. This is a single keyboard instrument with the capacity to sound like a piano, organ, or harp, as well as, other instruments. Only the Chapel keyboardist is permitted to play the keyboard. Arrangements can me made for additional musicians from the the Chapel Musician’s list, including: harp, cello, violin, trumpet, flute, oboe, guitar, viola, bagpipes, vocals, etc.

You may also provide your own musician(s), who should arrive one hour before the scheduled wedding time. They may rehearse quietly in the Chapel up to thirty minutes before the scheduled wedding time. If you have favorite recordings you wish to play, you may bring them on a digital playback device. No microphones or amplification is needed or permitted in the Chapel.

You can listen to some samples of wedding music below. At your planning conference, you will have the opportunity to review additional options.

Once your wedding has been confirmed, you can email the Chapel Music Director to discuss your music selections.

Please note, the Chapel staff reserve the right to determine the appropriateness of all music and its placement in the ceremony.