10 Grown-Up Goodie Bags to Gift Your Guests

The best things come in small packages!

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So, your guests have have loved watching you tie the knot and dancing the night away. But how will they remember this special occasion, you may ask? Don’t worry-we’ve got you covered. Below are 10 small (but effective) gifts to give your guests that they’ll actually want.



Photo | The Knot

 1. Succulents

Not only can these serve as place cards for reception seating, but they double as gifts to take home! You can attach whatever corny phrase you see fit, whether it’s “our love is growing” or “this night would succ without you.” Pretty punny, huh.


Photo | Etsy

2. Bottle Openers

We all need ’em! Customize it with you and your spouse’s names to commemorate the celebration. There’s tons like these on Etsy, and you can choose whatever fits your theme the best- the opportunities are endless.


Photo | BuzzFeed

3. Luggage Tags

If your wedding at Wayfarers is a destination wedding, gift your guests personalized luggage tags with your names on one side, and a witty saying on the back. It’s both useful and creative!



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4. Premium Candy

A child favorite, with a sophisticated twist. Give your guests the gift of sugar cutely packaged and ready to take on the go. Companies like Sugarfina will even personalize the packaging, so guests can savor the sweetness of the occasion.


Photo | Brit Morin

5. Flip-Flops

If you’re having your wedding at Wayfarers, odds are your reception is at or near the beach. Give your guests a reason to kick off their heels and dress shoes in exchange for comfortable footwear they can dance in all night long.


Photo | BRIDES

6. Mini Liquor

Cute to look at, even better to receive. Mini bottles of champagne, tequila or whisky can be quite the crowd pleasers and boast aesthetically pleasing packaging. With these wedding favors, the fun never ends!


Photo | Offbeat Bride

7. Recipe Cards

Give the gift of cooking with personalized recipe cards. This could be your famous rosemary chicken, or your mother-in-law’s blueberry muffins you and your spouse enjoy making together. Inexpensive and personal, it’s the gift that keeps on giving!


Photo | James Bradley Photography

8. Matches

Matches are always handy to keep at home, and can be easily personalized on the top of the box. Guests can use them to light their favorite candles,  fireplaces and more. Light the fire of love!


Photo | Cece Ngyuen

9. Olive Oil

The kitchen’s best friend! Your guests will appreciate the practicality and rustic look of this favor.


Photo | Hello Natural

10. Bath Salts

What better way to unwind after an eventful wedding then a sudsy bubble bath? Bottle up Himalayan Pink, Lavender Vanilla, and Eucalyptus sea salts for guests to dive into. Purchase a pack, or for cost effectiveness, make your own!


Which wedding favor would you want to receive? Let us know in the comments below!