Wayfarers Chapel Needs Your Help!

Immediate Situation

Rancho Palos Verdes land movement has delayed the full restoration of Wayfarers Chapel that was slated to begin November 2025. The Wayfarers Chapel Organization and Board of Directors are committed to completing a full restoration as land movement is resolved.

Phases of Restoration

  • Phase One – Land Movement Abatement

    • Install 1000’ of French Drain
    • Build Three Office Structure
    • Relocate Main Electrical Panel to new office structure
    • Relocate Trash Bin to lower parking lot enclosure
    • Remove Annex (failing structure)
  • Phase Two

    • Full Restoration of Wayfarers Chapel (see below)
Our plans to slow down this land movement include installing 1,000 linear feet of French Drain to safely divert water from the uphill side of the property into the ocean. There are several dewatering wells that have recently been activated, pumping out hundreds of thousands of gallons of water per day. We are also escalating this issue to activate resources at the Federal Level.
If you would prefer to speak with someone personally about a donation, please contact our Executive Director, Rev. Dan Burchett, at (310) 377-1650 x206, or email him at danb@wayfarerschapel.org.

Chapel Restoration

If your spirit has been touched by the iconic glass chapel on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, please read on. Inspired by a drive he took along the California coast in the 1940s, architect Lloyd Wright designed a sublime, transparent chapel surrounded by a grove of redwood trees. A beloved sacred space for seven decades, Wayfarers Chapel has brought together families and friends for weddings, baptisms, memorials and Sunday worship. If you care about this important place you’ll want to know about plans underway to preserve this landmark. Seventy-five years of weathering and salt-sea air has caused severe rusting of the structural steel, which in turn has compromised the foundation. The roof ridge is out of alignment and there are cracked panels of glass as well as other serious problems. The Chapel needs these repairs urgently if we expect it to survive as we know and love it for coming generations of visitors seeking its regenerative purpose.

If you are interested in getting more information about this campaign or would like to donate, please contact Rev. Dan Burchett, our Executive Director, at danb@wayfarerschapel.org or 310-377-1650 x206.

Financial Accountability

Wayfarers Chapel performs Audits annually using a local, reputable, independent accounting firm. In addition, we contract with a second accounting firm providing month end reporting. In all, there are three separate accounting processes by independent outside firms that report to the Wayfarers Chapel Board of Directors.

Our Chart of Accounts and financial spreadsheet reflect requirements by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) a private, non-profit organization standard setting body whose primary purpose is to establish and improve generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) within the United States in the public’s interest.